Ginger Slap!


About the band

Every once in a while there is a synergistic combination of people that produces something greater than the sum of the parts. This is one of those times. Other than our resident diva, Heather, there are no virtuosos in this band, just good players who mesh extraordinarily well. On paper it doesn't look like it would work: power pop guitarist, funky southern bassist, pedal steel and pop diva vocals.

But it works, and the recombination of American musical roots yields a sound that defies the current trend of laser focused sub-genres. What we have here is ROCK!


Vocals: Heather Nelson-Boger
Guitar: Derek Hayes
Drums: Mike Waldhoff
Pedal Steel: Mike Morrison
Bass: JD Droddy

Heather Nelson-Boger


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Derek Hayes


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Mike Waldhoff


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Mike Morrison

Pedal Steel

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JD Droddy


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